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Frequently Asked Questions

- Is it hard to blend BioHumix with other fertilizers?

When blending BioHumix with other fertilizers, please note that efficient mixing equipment is essential to a proportionate mixture. Our biofertilizer has small granules that mesh with all types of fertilizer particles, potting soil, and additional substrates. Our product has been designed to facilitate convenience for farmers which is why it offers broad applications. The formula is best sprayed on topsoil so it can dry quickly and spread more evenly which is why it has 100% solubility.

- Why are Efako products essential for soil growth?

Stable soil is key to high-yield crop production and overall growth. Since our fertilizer is 100% natural, packed with nutrients, and has a simple composition of carbons, it boosts microbial activity in plants and helps them combat diseases.

- What should farmers expect as a result of consistent usage of BioHumix?

Since BioHumix supports soil health, it can improve crop production by elevating moisture absorption. Verily, repeated usage amplifies the benefits of using our fertilizer once.

- What is the Minimum Order Quantity-MOQ ?

One 40ft container - 24 Metric ton.

- Which sort of sizes does EFAKO - BioHumix have?

10L - 20L – IBC 1000L - 10L - 20L - 1000L - Tank container from 17,500 to 26,000 liters

- What is the difference between an agent and a distributor?

The distributor works alongside other distributors of the same company in the same country.
The agent is the only importer of the producing company in the country and supplies all distributors.

- Can any person or company import directly from EFAKO Agriculture?

Yes, in the absence of an authorized agent or distributor.

- Is fertilization by spraying or irrigation?

EFAKO-BioHumix is used for spraying and irrigation. Spraying is recommended to save water, or watering is recommended in the case of modern irrigation systems.

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