Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

EFAKO strives to prove its website users with a quality experience every time they visit or interact with To facilitate visitors and help them pick up from where they left off, we use cookies to streamline each visit. Cookies are small packets of data processed by your browser and stored on your device after a series of engagements. They track your progress from previous visits so you don’t lose information on past activity. Additionally, cookies help our website analytics and thus, enhance our online service.

Most browsers are set, by default, to accept cookies. If you wish to disable these or tweak your preferences, go to browser settings and deactivate cookies by clicking the toggle bar until it turns off. When cookies are disabled, some of the service features previously available on our website may no longer show.

Data Disclosure

EFAKO strives to protect your information at all costs. We do not sell or transfer our user’s private data to external parties. However, when law and compliance deem it necessary for us to reveal user information, we must adhere to the regulation. This is to prevent any harm from befalling the community, state, or society as a whole.

Third parties

EFAKO showcases various links on its website that redirect users to external platforms and web pages. Third-party links and promotions are solely placed for the purpose of advertising. Verily, if you choose to click on an external link, it is of your sole accord and without any coercion or solicitation by EFAKO or its affiliated members. You are fully responsible for any compromising repercussions. Please be careful when clicking on external links as we are not liable for the individual privacy procedures of third-party sites.