Plant-based fertilizer derived from natural ingredients

BioHumix is a strategically proportioned composition of natural cow and chicken by-products. With approximately 80% organic matter and generous races of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, our biofertilizer adds a hefty dose of nutrition to a variety of different soils. It also contains plenty of micro and macro elements required for sustainable plant growth and higher yield.

Why BioHumix ?

Unlike traditional fertilizers riddled with chemicals, BioHumix is an undiluted concentration of 100% odorless organic fertilizer. It is extensively heat treated in the lab to eradicate bacteria, and thoroughly filtered to remove weed seeds. When sprinkled over the soil, BioHumix bolsters its biological capabilities for greater moisture retention and faster growth through active substances that provide stimulation without any assistance from toxic chemicals. It covers the top layer of your soil and curbs the absorption of toxic heavy metals while offering a shield from radioactive materials known to disintegrate plant quality. To top it off, our product can extend the life of your soil by facilitating the battle against crop failure in today's dynamic ecological conditions. In turn, the plants you grow have better chances of resisting pests and diseases due to enhanced immunity.

BioHumix . Liquid Fertilizer . Organic . Concentrated . Natural

3L BioHumix + 200L Water (Min) = 1 Hectare


In the world of agriculture. BioHumix is an effective and irreplaceable material, as it constitutes a natural biological support for the soil, the formation of roots, and acceleration of growth, and it gives the soil a high ability to retain moisture for relatively long periods. It also increases the level of sugars, proteins, and vitamins in vegetables and fruits. BioHumix contains all the active substances and ingredients to increase crops and grow vegetables and plants in a healthy and natural way. BioHumix has a superior ability to prevent diseases of vegetables, plants, and trees and enhance their immunity BioHumix forms a strong barrier that prevents the absorption of toxic heavy metals and protects plants from radioactive material. BioHumix Increases the content of sugars, proteins, and vitamins in fruits and vegetables. BioHumix eliminates greenness and stimulates the flowering of plants. BioHumix reduces nitrate content in agricultural products.

Soil + BioHumix = Fertility + High productivity


The liquid humic fertilizer BioHumix is a concentrated extract from natural vermicomposting, produced by the technological line of compost earthworms. It is intended to grow all agricultural and decorative crops: vegetable farming, floriculture and horticulture. The fertilizer is used for the root and leaf area treatment of plants and for the pre-sowing treatment of seeds. It is effective for keeping cut flowers fresh for extended periods.

Soil + BioHumix = Fertility + High productivity


  • Improves the absorption of nutrients by plants.
  • Increases plant resistance to climatic stresses.
  • Increases seed germination energy.
  • Increases the length and biomass of seedlings.
  • Reduces the intake of heavy metals and radionuclides into plants.
  • Provides the formation of a more powerful root system.
  • Increases the biochemical value of the crops (balance of vitamins, micro elements, proteins, carbohydrates).
  • Eliminates chlorosis and stimulates flowering and fruiting.
  • Strengthens plant resistance to diseases.
  • Improves the quality of the crops and extends their shelf life.
  • Reduces crop losses during storage.
  • Environmentally f friendly harvest ripens 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule.
  • Allows getting an increase in the yield capacity of winter wheat by 5-8 dt / ha (20-28%),
  • of spring barley by 5-9 dt / ha (30-37%),
  • of winter triticale by 5 dt / ha (20%),
  • of winter rye by 23 dt / ha,
  • an increase in lodging resistance by 60%,
  • in root development by 30%,
  • it allows a reduction in herbicide load by 50%, an increase in sugar beet yield by 35 dt / ha (7%) and sugar content by 1.6%, Long-stalked flax by 9 dt / ha (27%) and the quality of retted straw by 0.5, table beets by 40 dt / ha (12%), etc…


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