About us

Who We Are

Established in 2017, Efako is a global trading organization specializing in premium fertilizer solutions. We’re stationed in the Netherlands, and strive to surpass client expectations by adhering to European and international product quality standards governing the agriculture sector. To ensure that our products are sufficiently versatile and offer unparalleled value, we keep our formulations sustainable and effective. Efako recognizes the current burdens borne by our planet alongside surges in climate change. As fertile land comes under growing risk, our goal is to do as much as possible to curb food scarcity. In the face of burgeoning challenges, Efako relies on organically derived bio-stimulants and complements them with traditional methods that don’t just minimize damage to the land but also boost fertility. Our efforts contribute to quality maintenance that trickles down to higher yields and better crop production for the population.

Our Vision

To become an international leader in the fertilizer sector. We’re resolute in our vision to expand further beyond the border, and solidify our position as the most trustworthy supplier to 21st-century agriculture markets. Efako intends to support its network of partners through a diverse portfolio of fertilizer products that exceed traditional standards and make farming without chemicals globally reliable.

Our Mission

Efako continuously collaborates with its customers to enhance the value provided through its portfolio. We deploy a bird’s eye view to tackling rising challenges faced by the agriculture sector through value-added products priced at competitive rates. To top it off, we strictly subscribe to the best health and safety practices by leveraging futuristic technologies that are currently revolutionizing manufacturing processes.

Our Partners

Efako boasts of an established network of international partners equipped with state-of-the-art capabilities. Our core competencies are rooted in understanding what our clients need and thus, delivering commensurately. Despite constant fluctuations in the biofertilizer market, we’re able to maintain our standing as a reliable partner for a long list of renowned manufacturers, farmers, and agents. Over the years, we have strengthened long-standing relationships with industry leaders from diverse corners of the world. As a registered exporter of fertilizer, we closely work with local and foreign importers to meet agricultural demands and boost food security.

Our Values

Eco-friendly orientation

We believe in gentle practices that help our planet thrive amidst overwhelming threats imposed by global warming and ecological decay. As a prominent player operating in the agricultural sector, our goal is to serve the masses through planet-friendly practices that not only help us make eco-friendly decisions but also propel our clients in sustainable directions.

Customized products

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy at Efako. Every soil is different and requires unique treatment. Verily, we customize our fertilizer products according to the needs of each client. By utilizing the information provided, our experts tweak formulations to create the perfect match for your specific crop.

Affordable Prices

Growth and sustainability should never come at an impossible price. At least, that’s what we believe. While we focus on superior quality, our products are still reasonably priced to ensure that our clients get maximum value for money.