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Efako invests in its people, processes, and practices. We hold our teams to the highest standard and do not tolerate any compromise on integrity. Our brand thrives on a foundation of inimitable quality in the form of state-of-the-art fertilizer formulations that carve the pathway for residue-free crop supply. We are intentional in our vision to create better opportunities for the community by nurturing the soil through products that don’t damage human well-being.

Effective Formulations Based
On Natural Science – BioHumix

Plant-based fertilizer derived from natural ingredients

BioHumix is a strategically proportioned composition of natural cow and chicken by-products. With organic matter and generous traces of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, our biofertilizer adds a hefty dose of nutrition to a variety of different soils. It also contains plenty of micro and macro elements required for sustainable plant growth and higher yield.

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Healthy Food

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From our farm

Healthy Food

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24/07 Support

From our farm

About us

Led by experience

As professionals with decades of collective experience in the farming industry, we know that no crop is like the other. Organic growth requires effort and purpose which is why our products complement diverse farming practices to match the needs of various crops.

BioHumix is carefully formulated to support the life cycle of healthy plants without unnecessary additions of harmful chemicals. Needless to say, all our products strengthen crops by combating traditional challenges imposed by global warming and also, unprecedented weather fluctuations.

BioHumix 100% Organic

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Our Markets

Europe, Africa ,America , The Middle East and Asia

Efako is spearheaded by the evolving needs of its clients across the world. We don’t just strive to serve our ever-expanding customer base. Instead, the goal is to surpass your expectations altogether. As an international trading company singlehandedly beating industry benchmarks, we combine superior quality with better-than-market prices to ensure that you’re always at a clear advantage.

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